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Innovative Growth provides one-on-one therapy to work on individual goals and needs. This is completely tailored to each and every client. Not one plan is the same as another. We also provide fun and interactive group classes and a sensory gym for open play! We are so excited to grow with you!

What makes us different?

- We provide services ages 2 and up! Most services stop once you turn 18 but we provide more opportunities. Not just for kids!

Who is welcomed?




Brooke is an Exercise Physiologist and an Autism Exercise Specialist. She dedicated her life to helping others and found pure joy in working with individuals within the special needs community. Her passions includes exercise and helping people become the best version of themselves. Brooke saw a clear need and lack of opportunities for everyone, so she decided to take charge and start giving more opportunities for personal growth. Innovative Growth ultimatley is providing a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable enough to grow, for a non-judgement zone, and a place for others to connect on a deeper level. A true space where explanations aren’t needed. Brooke saw that individuals especially on the autism spectrum lacked in motor skills, physical development, proper body mechanics and everyday activities that other people find joy in, but these opportunities haven’t been presented to the special needs community on the level it should be.

Meet The Team

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